Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot Sunday

All the weather peops around here are losing their shit because we are set to break heat records today. Seattle does not really have dramatic weather so it does not take much for them to lose their shit. I do feel for those who have no air conditioning and no cool place to go. There's a lot of that in Seattle and just ugh.

Tomorrow is slated to be 10 degrees cooler so at least it won't last long.

It's been more than a week since I went on an outside walk. I should probably do that maybe once a week just to check on stuff outside. Once this treadmill thing is well and truly implanted in my every day.

The treadmill has turned me into a kind of scuze. Yesterday I finally did put on clothes but it was mid afternoon before I realized I had not even combed out my bed hair. Maybe I need more mirrors in this joint.

Yesterday I did end up covering the sofa pillow. I installed the longest zipper I could find in the house and it turned out to be not long enough so I finished it off by just hand sewing it which means if I need to get to the actual pillow (which is air filled), the cover will have to be cut off. I followed up that little debacle by crocheting some squares together. Backward. I ripped it out and did it again. Backward. It was quite a morning.

Today I have some kitchen stuff I want to put together for upcoming meals. The baseball game is at 11. But, first, I'm going to start with a shower. No scuze today!

Biggie loves the new blanket


I actually like the new pillow cover even with the botched job

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