Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I was going to be inside anyway...

My phone and my laptop keep warning me about the heat. Today and tomorrow. Red triangles everywhere. Yet another in the now fairly long list of reasons why I probably won't even crack the door to the rest of the world today. Not true, actually. I need to take a load of recycling down to the dumpsters in the garage. But, that's it. I'll be here.

I've done my 25 minutes of what today Fitbit is saying was the elliptical machine. A tiny bit more credible than the outdoor bike of Tuesday and Thursday.

I do have a project today. I need a cover for the pillow I use on the couch. I need to hit up the fabric wall for something fun and get it made. It needs heavy upholstery fabric which I do not have but maybe if I double up on what I do have...

And laundry.

But, really, that's it.

The fritata I made yesterday was very meh. I think Maybe I cooked it too long. I actually made two so I'll try the other one tomorrow and shorten the baking time. It was edible just not OMG delicious. Worst case, I'll dig out a recipe and try that.

I've been watching Five Bedrooms on Peacock. The first episode is free. I signed up for a 7 day free trial to watch the rest and then I'm done. I don't need anything else they have to offer. Plus, unless I want to watch it on my laptop which I do not, the only thing I have that has the Peacock channel is the TIVO stream thing which is a bear to maneuver. I got it for free after I did a beta hardware test for them. It's at least a year or two out yet from being a finished product. I would be really pissed if I had paid the $40-50 they are charging for it.

Wild Bill on Acorn is mildly interesting but it's a once a week drop and it's not really interesting enough for that. I'll probably wait til it finishes dropping. TV watching is rich these days but not at all easy.

Oh my... sirens landing on us here and the front door shows the fire engines across the street. The 911 website says, indeed, fire alarm at that building. I'll bet it's totally empty this morning. It's a good sized 5 story office building. Only two trucks and they are now leaving. Well, that was fun.

Ok time to get this day going. This couch pillow cover is not going to make itself.
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