Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

3 more things

Every time I get into my shower now, I hit my foot on the tub's edge and after I finish swearing I tell the tub his days are numbered. It's a thing. I am also being extra careful - making good use of the grab bars. Murphy's Law says these days would be just epic for falling in the shower and breaking a hip or worse.

Fitbit cannot handle the truth. Every morning on the treadmill, it dreams of yet another way exercise. And, FYI:

1. each of these days was 25 minutes - liar, liar pants on fire - quit cheating me, Fitbit.
2. I did NOT skip yesterday!


We have free COVID-19 testing here in Seattle at several different convenient locations. Driver through no waiting. No appointment necessary. Twitter, Instagram, TV news... they are all saying 'come get tested!!!' 'come now. it's easy. it's free. no appointment needed!!'

Now, why in the fuck would I go waste the resources of a test? I have no symptoms. I have had no symptoms. The chances of my being near anyone with it are slim almost to none. I cannot think of any reason why I would, should go get a test.

And, yet, everywhere I'm being told... GET A TEST.
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