Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The usual

My lungs are still recovering. It's a little discouraging that it's taken so long but it could be so much worse. And every day is a tiny bit better. And better is the operative word. COPD is a catch all diagnosis for 'we really don't know exactly but your lungs are shit'. Since there are so many unknowns, I can't know when it will get really bad or if this exacerbation is the beginning of the really bad. So better is really better than just good.

Plus, its not like I really need excellent breathing for staying at home by myself. As long as I can maneuver around the house and not cough, it's really fine.

There are some groceries I would like to have but I have plenty of food. So it's a want not a need. I might venture out this weekend or next week and get the stuff I want.

The Mariners have the day off. And I have no big todos. So it looks to be like a quiet day in the neighborhood if by neighborhood you mean my condo.

Now I think I'll go brush my teeth and get dressed and see what happens after that.
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