Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bed litter

I need to put one of my cams on the litter box and see just exactly how Biggie does his Amazing Litter Stunts. His actual box has high sides. It sits inside a cupboard that is 4 feet by 3 feet and 3 feet high. It is huge. He splatters litter over all of it. There is litter stuck to the lid. This boy is ready for the litter box Olympics.

Last night, when I rolled over, I felt a pebble and I knew it was litter. Thanks, Biggie. But, this morning when I turned on the light and threw back the covers I saw that the bed was literally littered with litter. (See what I did there???) It's like he took a cup and filled it up and sprinkled it on the bed. How the hell did he do that?

I was busy sleeping really well. But, I did wake up in time to go swimming. Sigh. So I got up and treadmilled. I tried to go 30 minutes but only made it to 25. But, I'm ok with that. It was a good 25.

Today is my baby brother's birthday. I have vivid memories of visiting my Mom in the hospital when he was born. We couldn't go in but Daddy took my sister and me to the grounds and Mommy looked down from the window in her room and waved at us. Looking back on it now, it seems a kind of out of character thing for both of them but oh so momentous for me. We wore our Sunday School clothes on a week day for one thing. And Mommy was way high up in this brick building. I was 4. And it was hot. Kansas City hot. And, we got ice cream after.

And then, the magic ended. A couple of days later, she came home and brought this squirmy little thing with her. They put him on the floor in the living room on a sateen blanket. The blanket was yellow and brown and he had on a yellow shirt with brown shorts that had shoulder straps. All the neighbors came in and made a huge fuss over him.

Therein lay the problem. No longer were my sister and I the golden haired princesses of the kingdom. In one minute, we were turned into fetchit kids. Bring me the xxx from the kitchen, please. Go upstairs and get yyy, please. SHHHHHHHHHH you'll wake him up!!

Oh yeah. I remember. Happy Birthday, bill_schubert!

I did a genius thing the other day. I had a bunch of baking potatoes that were aging out of reality. Their eyes were getting big. So I scrubbed up a couple and baked 'em. I hate half that day with lunch and put the other half and a whole in the fridge. Yesterday I chopped up the rest and fried 'em with some onions and mushrooms and had that with lunch but there was leftovers so I put those back in the fridge and this morning had them with my scrambled eggs. I love leftovers. But even better I love leftovers made out of stuff too gone to save another minute. I have more potatoes left and I'm going to bake them up today and try freezing the results. I love potatoes but this is a whole new level.

I think today is Costco day. It's still very cool out and I've got time to shower and dress and still get there before Old People Hour.

Biggie's not necessarily afraid of the Eufy, but he keeps a close eye on it.

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