Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dry Docks

I decided to give up on the swimming. For now or maybe forever. And it's fine. I wrote to the folks at the club to find out how to resign and ask for a refund on the swims I bought already but haven't used.

I've been worrying about it now for days. I thought I'd go and try one more time to make sure it wasn't my imagination or something else. But, honestly, I do not want a repeat of this last week. My lungs are not ever going to get any better so why torture them.

I feel relieved. There's a gym next to Pike Place market that has a salt water pool that my lungs are ok with. They are opening their pool this week but with massive restrictions so I think I'll wait.

Meanwhile it's me and the treadmill. I'm ok with that.


OK weird. I sent my "I have to resign" note to the woman who signed me up (sales?) and the woman who runs the aquatics (and fixed an earlier billing issue). The rules say you have to come in and fill out a form and in my note I asked if that were true and/or what the pandemic resign process is. Just now I got a reply from the club manager. I didn't even know his name until I read it in that blog post about their being bought out.

His note said:

Hi Susan,

Your email below will serve as your 30 days advance notice to cancel. No further action on your part is necessary. You will not be billed again.

Michaela will refund the sessions you purchased for Adult Lap Swim.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Mark Durall, GM
Olympic Athletic Club

I've never heard of a gym letting you off the hook that easily. Weird. But, fine by me.
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