Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ohhhhh I think it's gonna happen!

So Christian came and we are so on the same page. He absolutely gets it. Nothing fancy. Just tub out, walk in shower in. He suggested that he look into Bath Fitters to do the work. I think that's perfect. They advertise 1 day so even maybe my bathroom won't be a mess forever. He already has a call into them and he's going to follow up.

I had told him I wanted a bench that unfolded from the wall and he suggested that instead of that, we just get a stool - fancy or not - which sounds perfectly reasonable. I'm not sure why I wanted that wall bit anyway.

He measured, we chatted. I told him I also wanted him to take care of the HOA end of things and he said, no problem. I'm jazzed. And ready.
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