Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just exactly What The Fuck Was That???

That is the look that Biggie is giving me right now. We are home from the vet. The carrier is put away and it's all just a bad memory... for him. Me? Yeah. Done. Turns out, he totally remembered the carrier and that he wanted exactly ZERO part of it. He hid under the bed. First I dangled earbuds. Normally, he'll sense those and come running from two rooms over. Today? Nada.

But, he's no match for the laser pointer. So I got him and off we went. The vet's office had a tent set up outside and folding chairs. And at 8 am a guy came out and set up shop under the tent and started checking people in. We didn't have to wait long at all and it was cool and breezy and nice out. In about 5 minutes they came and got him and in about 10 minutes they brought him back and said he did great. I paid up and home we came with him squealing the whole time. Now he's in my lap draped over my arm and in minutes he'll go off for his morning nap. Adventure concluded.

The homeowners meeting was a true goat roadeo. They not only do not listen, they do not shut up. All I could think was thankgod it is August and at least two of them will be replaced. Sadly one of those two is really the only one with functioning brain cells. Maybe she'll run again. Nope. She's too smart.

I have a few more days that I can cancel my phone order. So I keep reading reviews and scouring used phone sales to see how many/much my current phone is going for and just generally second guessing my decision. So far, I haven't been tempted to cancel.

Our Seattle city politics are getting as egregious as our national politics. In different but no less stupid reasons. More than once a day now, I am, once again, glad I'm too old to see just how bad it will be.

My breathing is better but still not as good as it was. Night time coughing fits are really beginning to annoy me. But it is better, way better. And I can do 20 mins on the treadmill without coughing.

I want a couple of things from Trader Joe's and a couple of things from the regular grocery and a couple of things from Costco. And I honestly want to go none of those places. I will go to Costco this week, though, to pick up my prescriptions. Maybe I'll do TJ's and regular this weekend. Maybe.

Today I am going nowhere else. I have my walk in shower meeting at 3 and the game is at 6 and in between will be filled with jes stuff.
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