Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gym news...

LA Fitness is opening again tomorrow! Their website and app says 6 am on 8/10. A local blog reports that while they will open under strict restrictions, their locker rooms will not be open.

The one I went to in West Seattle where the bridge to get there is shut down. The work around is ugly. Then they announced that the emergency bridge would be available to use until 5 am and I thought that would work since the gym opened at 5. Only now it's open at 6 so wah wah.

There is one in Ballard very close to where I have been swimming. I will absolutely be calling them tomorrow to find out for sure, but I'm guessing they won't be opening their pools. (Their pools are not chlorine pools and don't bother my lungs at all. Plus my insurance pays the full freight.)


And, speaking of progress, I finally since Christian - the designer supposedly working on my bath to walk in shower conversion - an email today asking oh so politely, WTF, dude???@!!

I did get a reply immediately. He said he was still waiting on some labor numbers from the contractor but he wanted to get together in my bathroom this week (fully masked, of course) to go over some stuff if I was ok with that. I said absolutely so maybe we might eventually even get this thing going.

One of my peaches is ready. So peach and goat cheese for dinner. YUM.
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