Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim planning

The way the pool reservation system is set up, I have to decide on Mondays what swimming I want to do two weeks from that Monday. This was not a problem until my lungs made it one. On the up side, there is no charge for anything unless I swim. So if I book a swim and cancel, no charge. Also no monthly fee until Phase 3 which is currently scheduled for WHOTHEFUCKKNOWSWHEN. Right now, I've got two swims schedule this week (Wednesday and Friday) and two the following (Monday and Thursday). And I'll probably add a couple more tomorrow.

I'm still not breathing as well as I was a week ago. But, far better than I was a couple of days ago. And I still don't know if it's the pool. But, I don't have to make any concrete decisions either.

Yesterday when I talked about my walking options being threatened by lack of daylight, rsc asked me about my treadmill. [EDIT. Actually jwg first asked me about the treadmill and rsc sympathized with my reply to him.
Thanks, anon, for setting me straight. Who's on First?] DOH. My treadmill is always set up at the end of my bed just mocking me. I've gotten so good at ignoring it, I don't even see it any more. But, Robert's prompt put me on it this morning. Instead of going outside. And it was fine! Just fine. My outdoors walk takes 20 minutes so that's what I treadmilled. Fitbit thinks it was an elliptical machine and was quite proud of me.

It's cool enough with the a/c in the living room and the fan overhead. It's safe enough. If I get a coughing fit or just flat run out of air... my cough pills are right there and so is my bed! No mask required. I like it.

After my walk and some internetting, I made what is probably the worst breakfast I've ever created. It was a mess. But, mostly edible so no big deal. At least it was fun to make. Yesterday I reswizzed some kitchen counterspace. I am not a fan of kitchen clutter. I took a hard look at was living on the countertop and canceled about half of those contracts. Some went into cabinets and some went into the Goodwill bin. And then I moved other stuff around. I like it lots. Tidier and more functional.

Next up is a shower. The Mariner game is at 1. There's more of the Sunday paper to read. Biggie's cat door is falling down and needs to be fixed. And the breakfast mess needs cleaning up.

I'd better get going!
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