Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Got it in one

I have a ceiling fan in the bedroom. It has a light in it. It can be operated by:

1. remote control by the bed
2. remote control by the door
3. alexa
4. Google Home
5. either of my two phones (through an app that controls a hub that controls the fan - aka infinite points of possible failure)

I asked Alexa to turn off the light. She did. 2 mins later it was back on. I asked again. Again she turned it off and then... it came back on. Google Home had the same problem. I tried the phone app. I tried the remote control by the door. It stayed off for almost exactly 2 minutes every time. I don't care except it was going to make sleeping kinda rough. And removing the light bulb requires a ladder.

Where oh where to start the troubleshooting... There are probably 597,380 different reasons why this was happening. Fuck.

So I started with 1. It's actually the remote I use the least. It's in the bottom of a shelf box under the kleenex box. I dug in and discovered it was upside down. I had just replaced the kleenex this morning with a fresh, heavier box. Yep. The kleenex was turning the light on! Ahhhhhhhh I apologized to Alexa. I know, from experience, that Google Home doesn't care. And I moved the bed remote over to behind the TV for safe keeping.

I canceled my Monday swim. I went down to the dumpster to take a load of boxes and was out of breath before I got there. When I got back, I took a couple of hits off the inhaler and was better right away but clearly there is still some issue. It will be fine by Wednesday, which is my next swim.

Costco has my new prescription ready and it is exactly 1/2 of what I thought it would cost and that's without insurance, which I think is interesting. It means the Costco price is better than the insurance price. I can dig it. Monday. Also I need bacon and toilet paper.
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