Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Both my Fitbit and I agree. I had a great sleep last night. And this morning's walk was just fine. Breathing like normal - for me. It is getting way darker in the morning. I'm going to have to figure out a new walking plan here in the next few months. Walking alone in my neighborhood in the early morning but night dark is not a good idea. So there will need to be adjustments made.

I got the 'here's what's coming to your mailbox today' email and there is a letter from Social Security. So, faster than you can say WTF, I was on the website checking my account. And the fucking direct deposit bank had been changed again!!! But, wait... that's Citi... where's my account number... yep. It's been changed to my Citi bank account which is fine. Better, actually. When I first found the issue back the first of July, the first thing I did was try and change the deposit target to my Citi bank account. After the snafu, it must have reverted to the last legit request by me. Ha! Yeah. And Whew.

My todo list is short for today. I do need to walk the hallway or move in some other way periodically but otherwise, I'm perfectly content to sit here and knit and watch Biggie chase after nothings in between his naps.
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