Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Every breath I take

Yesterday turned into a bad day for breathing. It was more uncomfortable than scary. I don't think it's COVID but I do suspect the pool. I canceled my swim tomorrow. It's a bit easier to breathe today but not as good as it could be. I would hate to have to give up that pool. Assuming all is fixed by then, I'll keep my Monday swim and judge after that. But the timing is suspiciously like the last time the chemicals in a pool knocked me out.

I took a modified walk this morning and went by Tija's gym. She's making great progress dismantling. Many of the huge machines had SOLD signs on them. And there was a sign that all of the weight stuff had been sold as well as the landing floor. I hope she got what she wanted for all of it. All the bobbleheads except that one section of RBG and rainbow gumbies and a few others were gone. I do hope they land somewhere we many can enjoy them.

I wonder what they will do with the space? It was a few different restaurants and then office space before Tija moved the gym from the 2nd floor to that nice ground floor corner spot.

There's this very strange spot that opened up about 10 minutes before the pandemic hit. It's in this building just next to our front door. It's a tiny spot that is kind of wine tasting and gift shop. But the the gift shop part is small high end design stuff.

They were one of the first to board up and one of the first to paint art on their boarded up windows. Then they took down the boards earlier this month for a week and put them right back up and then painted them again. This morning, I see, they've added nice looking branding AND event notices!


The first is a plant swap at the end of the month. And the other is a local floral designer - pre order and she'll deliver bouquets.

Very classy, very cool.

Today, by coincidence, I have a bunch of deliveries arriving by different carriers. I have some stuff coming via Amazon delivery, one package via FedEX, one package via UPS and one via OnTrac. Most of it is regular stuff - kleenex, dish soap, cat food and a phone case and the rest of the yarn.

But, the big excitement is a food box! My brother, bill_schubert, always gets the most amazing food stuff delivered. He uses the dinner kits and recently started a meat box subscription. It tried the dinner kits and they just aren't me. I'm a meat lover but Costco carries what I need. Still, I envied his delivered food treats and finally found my own.

Harry and David's Fruit and Cheese! They tell you what each month will be and the next three months looked delicious so that's what I got. The first one is peaches. I love peaches. Like tomatoes, we do not get good peaches out here. Harry and David know fruit so I'm expecting exceptional peaches. And I have never met a cheese I didn't love. So that's what's coming today... peaches and cheese. YUM!

The cool is on its way out as the sun threatens to fight off the clouds. I gave up and shut the door and turned the air conditioner back on. It was nice to have a day of reprieve. But now we need to finish out August and then hit the good time of year.

Today, besides receiving all the goods, I need to strip the bed and wash. And, since I really am breathing better even since I first got up this morning, I need to make sure I get some steps in. Sitting on one place on the couch for hours on end is great mentally but my body demands position changes.
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