Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Survived! Well, maybe. We'll know in two weeks.

Turns out it wasn't nearly as weird as I though it would be. Everyone was wearing masks - everyone but 6 feet? NFW. I did not notice the shortages everyone talks about except for regular Cheezits. They had hot ones, parmesan ones, krispy ones, crinkle ones, probably blue and green ones, ones in small bags but no boxes of regular old Cheezits. I did overhear three management type dudes standing around discussing shortages and not being able to get orders filled.

I got the two things I really wanted - diet ginger ale and either orange wedge candies or mint leaf candies (the gum drop kind). They didn't have mint but they had the orange ones on sale! So yeah. I also got bread and a couple of other things. Oh also rubbing alcohol which I've had on my list since March.

I scored a couple of good finds at Goodwill and then I stopped by the bagel place for a sandwich for lunch and home to a clean clean house.

I was shocked to notice when I looked in the rear view mirror, that our in the daylight, my hair looks like I got an expensive highlighting job at the salon! Thank you, chlorine!
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