Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm going in...

Today I am going into a grocery store for the first time since early march. I've been to Trader Joe's twice so it's not like I'm a grocery virgin but still. Going into a QFC (that's our Krogering out here) during regular (not old people) hours to do regular (not really) shopping. I don't need that much so I'm kind of looking at an in and out situation. It's the list that the online/pick up system keeps not fulfilling so it's silly to try them again for this stuff. I'm just going to go do it. As our president says, if I die, it is what it is.

It's housecleaner day so my day out on the town. At least for a while. Goodwill and QFC and if she's still here, I'll park in the shade and read my book til she's gone.

I have a couple of new books waiting on my Kindle and an audio book ready to start. I listened to a political podcast on my walk this morning. I may abandon it. They are getting too much into their own shit. Just because you and everyone you know hates Trump, that does not mean he's going down. There are a shit ton of people who vote who think he's top notch and will cast their vote to make sure he gets four more years and those who ignore that are just setting themselves up for disappointment and taking a crowd with them. When the various favorability polls start showing Trump's favorability 30% and below THEN we can get cocky.

Even here in Socialist Seattle, the evening news found a 50+ guy registering to vote for the first time yesterday 'because the liberals are just taking us down'. Of course it's not the liberals, but the pandemic but... it is what it is.

OK, I'm done. I need to go back to listening to fiction where there are no face masks and crowds aren't dangerous.

Now I need to go brush my teeth and get dressed and get the fork otta here.
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