Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wrong PIN

That's what the ATM said when I stuck my new debit card into it. Nice. The BECU lady said the PIN would not change. She, apparently, was having a little funny with me. Came home, changed the PIN and we'll try again later. No biggie. I was really just testing the card and now sure glad I did.

It is so lovely and cool out in the mornings. Another Seattle perk. I remember, after I moved here, visiting my parents in Charleton, SC one summer. We were going somewhere kind of early (7ish am) and we went outside to get into the car. Opening the door to the outside was like opening the door to an oven. A hot, moist oven. At 7 in the fucking morning. That's just mean and uncalled for. It's now 9 am here in Seattle. Later it will get hot but now, it's 65 degrees. That's reasonable.

But in big breaking news... Personal best on the NYT mini!!

The Mariners, who usually suck, are sticking to their plan in this weird season. Even playing teams that suck, they suck harder. It's amazing. One of the joys of watching minor league ball is that in the span on a game, or even a few innings, you'll see the very best baseball and the very worst, played by the same team. That's exactly what we are getting from the Mariners this year. Oh well, there is some comfort in sameness?

My Mariners sales guy contacted me last week about upgrading my seat for next year and I'm surprisingly delighted to even consider it. One would think that when I can't go to a game at all now and the team is playing so badly, why would I even think about tickets for next year but I'm jazzed. The Diamond Club - where my seats are - has been sold out for years but, now, apparently there are significant availablities. Since I'm one of the rare single ticket club members there is both more and less opportunity.

I told Mike (my guy) that I'd be totally open to discussing a change/upgrade. And I gave him my wishes - closer to the aisle, closer to the concourse without steps, closer to the ladies room... Or no change at all. I suspect he's slicing and dicing the options with other club members at this point and will come back to me with an offer when he finds a good spot. Because of the ticket situation this year, I have already paid and get a 15% bonus for rolling over the payment. So an upgrade might not even cost me that much. On the downside, an upgrade this year might mean I'm locked into the same in 2022 and beyond. But, you know what? At my age, worrying about the summer of 2022 is a little silly. So I'm not going to.

No big todo list today. Tomorrow is house cleaner day so I need to make sure the big stuff is picked up but it mostly is already. More square knitting and bad baseball watching. Nice.

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