Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Twisp mystery

The mystery, of course, turned out much funner than the solution. A t-shirt. I helped out on a forum a while back and they sent me a t-shirt. The company is in Seattle but I guess social distancing put some of it in Twisp.

Meanwhile I did some Zillowing into Twisp. Several homes for sale. None that looked even moderately interesting. The weather, however, seems perfect for me. Months and months of lots of snow and not much more summer than Seattle. Maybe one day I'll take a little road trip.

Meanwhile back in Seattle. The laundry is done. The chicken is boned the ground beef is pattied. All is under control.

Oh and I got the rest of the cards. Capital One sent me an exact duplicate - same number, same code, same expiration date and a big fat sticker that says 'This card has been activated.' Now, what in the heck would stop a thief from intercepting that sucker in the mail and using it? Nothing. Way to go Capital One. Ugh.

So far, it's been a lovely Monday. My old toaster was fast but the slots were too narrow and too short. So I got a new one. I'm kind of low on bread but I've got plenty of pop tarts so I think I'll go test it with one of them.
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