Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I will not go. I will not go. I will not go.

There's a diner down the street. Planet Java. It's an ok diner. Actually it's better than just ok. Not up to excellent but good and handy. And they are closing. Not Covid closing, interestingly. They are in a block between here and the waterfront and all waterfront property is now gold since they tore down the viaduct.

So their landlord is kicking them out so he can gut the building and make something more profitable out of it. The owners don't seem torn up about it. They are selling their house and moving to Nevada.

The diner is full up to it's rafters with wonderful kitch. Everything from lunch boxes to kitkat clocks and coca cola signs. It's a treat for the eyes everywhere you look.

And tomorrow from 10-4, they are having a yard sale of all that kitch.

I am not going. I would love to go. But I am not going. I do not need shit. Even cool, wonderful stuff. I do not need it. I am not going. Trust me on this.

I am, however, going to Trader Joes. They have old people shopping at 8 even on Sundays so I'm going to join the elderly and get me some corn bread cookie mix and brioche biscuits and other delights.

It's been a good day here. I'm working on a new crochet and knitting project and that has kept me busy all day.

Time now for the news and then baseball!
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