Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

changing times

My friends and neighbors, Tija and Sandy bought the dying gym across the street sometime in the mid-90's. Tija, the fitness part of the couple ran it and turned it into a fine place. A small, but complete, friendly neighborhood gym. About 4 years ago, I cleaned out my storage unit in the garage and posted a 'for rent' sign on the condo bulletin board. Tija landed at my door with the notice and claimed it for gym file storage and she's rented it ever since. Then the pandemic hit and she had to close her doors. When I got the rent check for March I realized I had been slow in the uptake and sent her a note saying pandemic rent = $0 for the rest of 2020. She sent a really sweet note of appreciation.

I walk by the gym on my morning walks and it looks sad and lonely.

This morning I got a note from her that they are having to close. They just can't hang on indefinitely which is the current reopening date with our virus case numbers rising. She asked if she could keep the storage unit for 2021 and pay for it a year in advance. She's selling off assets and has the cash now - or soon. I'm happy to accommodate.

I'm sad for the little gym.

On a happier note, Two Doors Down opens in less than 4 hours right here in my own neighborhood. They likely won't have online ordering up yet today and I was a little concerned about logistics. It's just too hot to walk up there and stand in the sun waiting for my burger and then walk home. It's not practical to take the car.

And then I remembered another maybe problem I've been noodling over. I have a mobility scooter. Any more I only use it to go to baseball games. I can walk but I cannot comfortably walk, sit for 4 hours and walk home so I scooter up and scooter home. Except this year no baseball. It's been sitting in my closet (its garage) since last Summer. I thought the other day that I should charge it up and take it for a spin just to let it know we're not dead yet.

So... I plugged in the battery when I got home from swimming and, this afternoon, I'll ride it up to get my burger to go! I'm quite tickled at this two birds/one stone situation.

jwg thinks keeping my drivers licence in the car is a bad idea. So far he has not convinced me. Anyone else want to take a hack at it?

I don't see how it could be misused by a car thief. Unless that thief was a 70ish fat woman with my facial features. My address is public knowledge and the building is secure. Also, in Washington State, getting a replacement drivers license is easy peasy - online. Also in that car wallet is a debit card, a credit card and a Costco card. If the car was stolen I would report the first two immediately and probably tell Costco about it, too. I'm just not seeing danger.

What am I missing?

And speaking of missing, all of the charges on my new credit card are accounted for except the ice cream one at the corner market - Google Pay. I'm guessing that one is gone forever.

Still no cards from BECU or Capital One.

My garage empties onto a kind of upgraded alley that, going south, empties right into T-Mobile park where the Mariners play. During a none pandemic year, the alley is lined with tents for selling hot dogs and pop corn and other stadium necessities. My morning walks take me down that alley. Yesterday it was tentless. Today there were 5 or 6 tents up like they were ready to sell stuff for tonight's first home game of the season.

Who the fuck are they going to sell to????? It's very curious.

I am excited about the game. It will be interesting to hear the broadcasters call the game while actually watching it. They have been, until now, watching video of it. They were in their broadcast booths at the stadium with the games first in Texas and then in California. They did admit, during the first couple of games, to looking out onto the field to verify or see more. But looking out and seeing squat.

Fitbit is fucking with me again. Most of the time, it does not count any swim activity as steps. But, today, it did. Right now (10 am, it says I have done 4,732 steps). Wednesday, my last swim day, it only counted 2,933 steps for the whole damn day.
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