Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bold move...

"At my age, I don't even buy green bananas." I think it was Betty Ford who reported that Nancy Regan said that. Today I re-upped my AARP membership for 3 years! Surely that has to be a waste of money. Optimistic but probably not practical.

More progress today on the credit card situation. We are down to only two lost transactions. One was showing as pending on the old card number but is gone now. But the vendor shows paid so I'm not worried about it. I'm not actually worried about the other either. It was an $8 charge from the corner market. The market is very snooty and rarely, if ever, makes me glad I shopped 'local'. When I bought the ice cream, the clerk barely even acknowledge me. The only other person in the shop was a woman trying to sell him on her locally brewed beers. He was very busy chatting her up so no time to sell anything to me. If he is out his $8, I will not be sad.

Otherwise everything seems to have rolled over from old card to new pretty nicely.

I'm trying a new scheme. $20 and my main credit card in the back of my phone case. Costco visa, debit card 1 and health cards and id and a bit of cash in a wallet hanging on the door. Drivers license, Amazon Visa, regular costco card and debit card 2 with a bit of cash in a wallet in the car glovebox. This solves the eggs in one basket situation. But, I'm not sure it's practical. Probably it will work ok for now, since I never go anywhere.

I appreciate the significance and loss of John Lewis but seriously, when are they going to bury that poor guy. It feels like his funeral has been going on longer than the pandemic.

The Mariners finally played a fun game last night. I'm having so much trouble getting into the whole thing this year. But it does help when they play like they know what they are doing.

Today is a little of this and a little of that and really not much. I have a short list of chores. It's another day too hot to go out but where in the heck am I going anyway? My drugs are not ready yet at Costco. So we'll be entertaining ourselves here in air conditioned comfort.
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