Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The hard drive replacement in the TiVo turned out to be a nothing job. I went very slowly and carefully and read the instructions multiple times and still it only took about an hour start to everything loaded back and operational. It took longer to find the damn coax tool than do the whole hardware part.

I did find it and when I was done, I left it behind the TiVo on the coax cable. Hopefully, next time

God, I'm tired of looking for shit.

I had the rest of yesterday's Poke bowl for lunch and it was delicious.

A few weeks ago, I decided I was really tired of getting into bed at night and being uncomfortable from too big a dinner. So I stopped eating too big a dinner. I started eating more for breakfast. A bigger lunch. And a snack, usually a bowl of cereal, for dinner. It's been way better. No more uncomfortable sleeps. Also, it just feels like I'm eating less. I had also, at the same time, reached peak weight. 250 pounds. I mean caboose.

When I hit 50, I decided that I no longer cared and I'd eat what I wanted when I wanted and whap whap whap, I hit 250, 20 years later. I've always known that if I changed the way I ate - took in fewer calories and smarter calories, I could lose the weight. I just was never motivated to. I'm still not. I still plan to eat what I want but I just plan to want it earlier in the day than later!

I started getting on the scales first thing in the morning a month or so ago when I got my Wyze scale. So I know I've lost 5 pounds since I started the upside down eating. I'd be ok with losing more but mainly I'm after comfort. And good eats. Just earlier.
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