Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just a Wednesday

Today was a swim day and it was a good one. I'm getting into the groove. And am enjoying the every other day-ness. If I could swim every day, I would but I'm not sure I'd enjoy it as much.

As soon as the weather turned warm this year, I wondered/envied people with their own pools and wondered if anyone would let me come swim in theirs. Today I found Rent somebody's pool for an hour. Looks like most at $60 and very few are big enough to do laps and only one is available anywhere near Seattle and it's booked up. It's not a lap pool anyway. The website sucks and is slow as Christmas but the idea is solid.

My Citi credit card situation is still in flux online. I'm now missing three transactions. The electric bill I paid last week, the gas I got on Saturday and the ice cream I bought yesterday. At least I have confirmation that the big one - the electric bill, the company believes it has its money so my lights and, more importantly, my a/c will stay on. I wonder if I'll get the gas and ice cream for free. Probably not. None of the pending transactions have cleared BUT I did scrape them all off the website so I have the info and can track precisely. So, whew.

I finally called Costco today and my prescriptions are 'being filled' so even tho the app shows they were filled 2 day ago, apparently, the app is over anxious. I'm actually kind of glad to get this info because I had not gotten the 'ready for pickup' text I usually do and I was afraid their system was broken, but nope so yeah.

And an even bigger yeah! This was on Instagram this morning! These are the two owners of my favorite burger place... Burger on Friday! It's not clear if they are talking lunch or just dinner. I'm hoping for lunch but I'll make do if necessary.

I think today will be Swap Out The Old TiVo Drive For The New One day. Might as well do it. The baseball game isn't on til 7 so I have plenty of time of fuck it up.
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