Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

more lost wallet drama

Within 15 hours, Citi Bank had two replacement credit cards and 1 replacement debit cards physically in my hands. I'd say that was pretty damn impressive. One of the cards (my Costco card) has a balance of 0 and no chargers pending so it was easy. But the other one has a credit balance (I transferred some money to pay off the balance of the charges and the pending charges so it ended up showing as a credit since the pending are still pending). They consolidated some stuff and did not consolidate other. Like the pending charges. Half are on the old number and half are on the new. Both show the same credit balance.

I'm guessing it will work itself out in a day or two but meticulous me is running down every penny. Like where is the $127.03 that was my electric bill? Seattle City Light say they collected the funds on 7/24 from the old card. But it's not showing as charged against the old card or the new card or pending on either card. So far, that's the only thing I can find missing.

There is another glitch. Google Pay won't let me authorize the main card for store use. They are happy to let me charge shit with it but no in store tap and pay. This also may be a temporary glitch. Turns out Google Pay was confused. I just went down to the corner market and got some ice cream as an excuse to test. Tapped. Paid just fine thankyouverymuch. So I am back in the saddle again.

It set up the Costco card for tap and pay without a problem. This last part is good because I need to make a Costco run here soon-ish. I have prescriptions to pick up and I need more bacon.

The weather forecast is changing and not for the good. It was supposed to start cooling down and give us a lovely rain on Friday. Now it looks like the rain has moved to Monday and the cool is gone all together. Not pretty.

Front Door TV Network has had me watching a young couple move into the building today. They have a UHaul and no help. And starting about noonish, the front door (and so their truck) gets full sun. I'm exhausted just watching them. Load after load after load in the heat. And then tonight it will be hot and boxes. God, I'm glad I'm not young.
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