Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Citi for the win

By 6 pm last night I had three different FedEx numbers - one for each of the replacement cards from Citi Bank. They all three will be delivered today. I honestly think that's pretty feakin' awesome. Online, all accounts reflect the change.

BECU will get here whenever. They promise love and community, not speed.

Capital One will get here whenever. It's so damn difficult to do business with them, I probably won't even use them any more. They pay 4% cash back on restaurants and entertainment. It's a huge savings when I buy my Mariners tickets. But it's likely months before it will even make sense to use that one. I think I'll put it away for now. If/when it arrives.

I'm not unhappy with the rethinking/streamlining this whole lost wallet thing has precipitated. And I'm kind of delighted at Citi Bank's service.

While I was dicking around in all these accounts I noticed a difference in credit scores. So I dug more and recorded. I have 5 different financial institutions that tell me my credit score. And as of today, I have 5 different credit scores with a 40 point spread between the highest and the lowest. WTF? Except for insurance rates, I really don't need/use my credit rating. I don't plan on getting a loan. It's just interesting to watch.

I also have been continually checking my social security account to make sure the payment next week goes to the right place. So far, it's looking good. August 3 will be the proof.

I think my boyfriend and I have broken up. Since I've started swimming, he's only been in the window to wave to a couple of mornings. He was actually on duty today. When I was heading out, he was at the front door accepting an Amazon package. But when I got back around to his window to wave, he was nowhere to be found and his laptop wasn't even set up. Sigh. Oh well, we had a good run.

The tracking number for my TiVo harddrive says it will be here today. I've about decided to go ahead and do the job now rather than wait for death. I can always go back, I hope.

Hot hot today but not as hot hot as yesterday. It's gotten too warm to do my hall walks. Even walking in the garage is a little warm plus people so no.

I think today will be a poke day - the bowl from my favorite place is enough for lunch and dinner.
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