Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

and more

I actually went down to the recycle dumpsters to look. Nada. I finished updating all the websites and apps that needed it. I dug out an old Tile and put a new battery in it, found a new (old) wallet and put that tile right in it first thing.

New rule. Wallet stays on the front door (top tray of my mask hook dealie). I can see it from the living room.

I did realize that I had put the second debit card (the Citi Bank one) in the car, just in case. So I did not need to replace that and now it's useless. Oh well. I got the FedEx tracking number for the new one already. Here tomorrow. Now to find an ATM but, wait. The only thing I need to use cash for is the housecleaner. I have enough to pay her next week and by that time, I should have everything replaced. I should not even be carrying around more than $20. Ever.

So now it's time for the wallet to show up.

I did do laundry. No wallet but I do have a very clean Sharpie.

The Mariner game is at 4 today. I have a few todos to do first - like folding all the aforementioned laundry and putting it away. Then it will be game time. We're playing Houston again. I'm tired of them already.
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