Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Painful but done

I figure the fastest way to find the wallet would be to replace all the cards. Plus, there's the tiniest of chances that I thew it out with the recycling. I went through the garbage - happily I had emptied on Saturday morning before the wallet disappeared so it wasn't too bad a dig.

Hopefully the damn thing will turn up with my $ in it.

Citi Bank - 1 Costco Visa

I could request a replacement online but they canceled it. No clue when the replacement will be here.

Citi Bank - 1 Citi Bank MC

This was a much better experience. Online totally. I requested a replacement, requested a free expedited delivery and got my new number immediately! I was able to use it right away. (And, bonus. But the number itself and the CVV number are way easier to remember than the old one.)

Citi Bank - Debit card

This was the biggest PIA as I had to call and wait on hold But, the nice lady did give me expedited delivery so I should have a replacement tomorrow. Which would be great if there were any compatible ATM's nearby.

BECU Debit card

I was able to do this one via Messenger in their app which was kind of hinky. She asked if I wanted the gold one. I replied ?? my lost card was red. She replied Right, that's the one - the gold one. Whatfuckingever. BECU is not speedy so no telling when I'll see this.

Capital One - again PIA - had to call AND talk to an automated guy. Oh and their expedited service meant being put on hold and paying $6. Nothankyou I only have this card because it pays exorbitant cash back on restaurant and entertainment purchases - haven't seen that action since March.

Humana Insurance card - oddly this was the easiest. I got a copy printed out and a plastic coming the mail and I didn't have to talk to a soul.

And, finally, my old people's bus card. This one is funny. The offices are all closed now. But they do let you get a replacement via snail mail but you have to send a check for $3.00. This means I have to find a checkbook. Zero hurry for this action because I am not getting on a bus any time soon. And they aren't charging for bus rides now anyway. But, I do have something like $20 on the card and I do like getting the old people discount.

The only thing I could not replace is my expired drivers license. I keep my current one in the car but carry the old one around for ID. Oh well. I just need to remember to get the real license out of the glove box if I want to go buy some pot. They are the only people who ever want to see my ID.

I have a visa card in the car, too so if I have to have a card in the next x days, I'll have one. So, now I'm ready for that stupid wallet to show up!

Now I need to go to all the websites and change the credit card. Happily I have a list and it is not long.
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