Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Down side to the new plan

Since I go very few places any more, I really don't need a traditional purse (hand bag to those under 50). So I put mine away. I keep my drivers license in the car so I only need my wallet when I am going someplace that doesn't take Google Pay. I took it last Saturday and used an actual credit card to buy gas. And brought it home. And put it on the kitchen counter and that was the last I remember seeing it.

It's not in the car. No one has used any credit cards. But I have no clue where it is. It's not critical. Everything in it can easily be replaced. Well, kind of easily. It means a week or two without my main credit card. At least I have a backup Visa and Costco card in the car and enough cash on hand to pay the house cleaner next week. My two ATM cards are in the wallet, too.

GRRRRR. Looks like this morning I'll be doing a grid search of the house. And then I need to come up with a better plan. Either go back to a purse which is easier to keep track of because of it's size or get another one of those stupid Tile things. Or something.

My swim this morning was great. The pool has four lanes. Two are set aside for hour long swims and two are four 30 minute swims. All are reserved (and paid for) but almost more often than not, they don't come. Today there was one other hour swimmer who swam for 40 minutes. And then two half hour swimmers so two no shows. I asked the front desk person last week and she said that people pay and don't show up often and people pay $10 for a 30 minute swim and come 10 minutes late. People are weird.

But I have a new swim friend. Red Shorts. I 'met' him last week. He was a 30 minute swimmer and asked me about the hour. Today he had an hour reserved and gave me a hearty 'Good Morning!'. He looks to be about my age. Old people fun.

Of course, since I ordered the replacement hard drive for my TiVo, it has not failed once. Murphy and his friggin' law. The drive isn't here yet but now I need to decide to shelve it or put it in. I'm leaning towards the latter but I'd feel better if it would fail just once more.

Biggie just came running in from the other part of the house with a guilty look on his face. I think he would not be able to carry my wallet if he wanted to so I don't think he's to blame for that but certainly he is no innocent.

The Mariners finally won a game yesterday so for sure the stupid Houston Astros will NOT win 60 games this year so yeah. But, it is clear that we have another year or two before the Mariners will be viable. And that could be 2023 or later. Two games are canceled today because of a coronovirus outbreak in the Marlins team. Iceberg tip, I'm afraid.

In addition to tearing the house apart looking for my fucking wallet, I will likely do laundry today and other assorted regular house stuff. All inside. All with the A/C going. It is 9:30 am here and 72 degrees outside and 92 degrees on my terrace (which faces east so is ow in full sun).
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