Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Get up and no go

For a lot of years, the first thing I did after I got up was go swimming. Then when the pool closed, the first thing I did after I got up was go walking. Now I either walk or swim except for today.

The earliest swim time I could get for today was 10. So this morning I got up and made coffee and sat down to drink it. I could have walked, sure. But my rule is that I do not have to on swim days.

So now I've had breakfast and coffee and internetted and now I'm having more coffee. I don't need to leave for the pool for at least another hour. Today I'll go the no-toll way because I'm cheap, in no hurry and there are gas stations on that route and I need gas.

After my swim, I'll probably just come on home. The game starts at 1.

A while back I got a bigger table for my laptop. Then I got a bigger laptop. Now Biggie insists on sitting on the table. So my net gain for table top real estate is really zero.


I turn off Twitter while I'm watching baseball games because I watch recordings about 30 minutes behind live action. Too many people I follow comment on real time action so spoilers... Anyway this morning I turned it back on to learn from credible sources that:

  • The federal troups sent to Portland and here, uninvited, are contractor mercenaries supplied by Betsy DeVos's brother who runs Blackwater.


  • Local television stations owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group (of which our ABC affiliate is one) are set to air a theory over the weekend that suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci is responsible for the creation of the coronavirus.

I did, as my brother suggested, order up a few more of my favorite masks. And I am resigned to living out the rest of my days pretty much like I do now. Inside, going very few places ever again. I'll just be grateful if the pool doesn't close. Which is probably a given as our numbers of deaths and hospitalizations continue to rise in here in this part of Washington state.

I have it so way luckier than most and I do not take that fore granted one tiny little bit.

And now, I'm off to go swim while I still can.
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