Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Opening Day

The Mariners play baseball today. Their first game. In Houston. At 6. I watched a little of the Yankee Nats game yesterday. I'm finding it difficult to get really jazzed about it all but I am interested so maybe it will grow on me. Maybe part of it is that it's been so long since the last game.

Now if my TiVo holds out. The damn thing rebooted 3 times last night in the span of an hour. I'm guessing (hoping) it's the hard drive. $150 will fix that. If it's something else, I'm in for way more $$. If it's the power drive, I could replace that but that is probably crossing the fix it/replace it line. I've ordered a new hard drive. And I do have the bedroom TiVo as backup. So no TV tragedy here. Yet.

I spent a fair amount of time about 6 months ago studying alternatives. If I stay with cable, TiVo is the only thing that makes sense. I stay with cable because that's the only way I can get Mariner games on TV.

But, if I'm willing to move my Mariner following to radio, I can dump cable (and save many $$) but then what? There is no other service that really interests me. You Tube TV comes the closest but I just don't like it and they raise the price about every other month. So I come back to cable and TiVo. Fingers crossed that this one lasts til the new hard drive gets here and the new hard drive fixes it.

I had a weird thing happen yesterday afternoon. I had been sitting a lot and not moving just out of laziness. But I got up to go get a package and then did some other stuff around the house and was seriously breath shy. I was panting and could not catch my breath at all. It's happened before, happily not often, and it's horrible. It feels scary and uggy.

Always before it's been part of an extended illness or some other CPOD exacerbation that has gone on for days and days. The only thing I could think was that this was the start of a bout of breathing shit that was going to be long and bad and I was so bummed. I took a couple of hits off my rescue inhaler (which never ever helps anything) and sat down to be miserable. And then got distracted.

And then, about 15 minutes later realized that 1. I could breath fine and 2. I felt great. WTF? Seriously, all gone. No more issue. I even got up off the couch and walked around the condo to make sure. Yep, all fine. A totally new experience but I'm not turning it down.

This morning's walk was fine. So. Yeah! COPD is degenerative and I've had it now for nearly a decade to I'm very lucky to be doing as well as I am and I'm grateful. I know it won't last but, hey, smoke 'em if ya got 'em... No, wait. That's exactly how I got into this pickle in the first place!

The yarn shop that stocks my favorite yarn at the best price has finally opened up shipping to the US again. On the one hand, YEAH! On the other hand... do I need to spend more money? nope. Do I need more yarn. nope. Sigh. But, they have all the colors...

Today I might do a little laundry. I have some house re-arranging I want to do. Move this lamp there and that one here and put that piece in storage/goodwill and clean up that clutter, etc. Nothing big, just tweaks.

My electric bill landed today. As expected, staying cool is pricey but, actually, not as bad as I expected. Next month will be the killer and then it will back to below reasonable. I use way less than normal in winter so I'm perfectly fine with my big fat but oh so cool Summer environmental footprint.

Ooops Just noticed Biggie's down to about his last kibble. Time to fill up his food tree and go brush my teeth. Those two are not connected but as long as I'm getting up anyway...
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