Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Close but I think I'm still ok.

The governor turned the key a little tighter today - taking back more of what we got a few weeks ago. And, gyms and pools got mentioned... We are still in Phase 2 here.

"In Phase 2, only 5 people – not including staff – are allowed for indoor fitness services at a time. This includes gyms, fitness studios, and indoor pools, ice rinks, volleyball courts and tennis facilities. These are limited to small group instruction or private training."

On the up side, there are only 4 people allowed in the pool at a time. So we could be fine BUT they could use this as an excuse to close because if they have 4 swimmers and then some personal training people, they would be over the limit. However, the place is huge and they could have five personal training people and not need to even share a room. So, I don't know.

Also he slammed the door on bars. "No indoor service at any bar, brewery, tavern, winery or distillery, regardless of whether food is being served."

Poor 2 Doors Down. What a time to try and open a new place. But, I think they are a restaurant so they are new limits but they might can open. Regardless. Crappy crappy timing.
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