Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another wonderful swim day

I got to the gym at 5:40 for my 6 am swim. They were open and ready for me and I was kicking off the side wall by 5:45! I used the extra time to try and get a mile in. I am a turtle swimmer. So slow. I did the mile and it took 70 minutes. (Michael Phelps does a mile in 18 minutes.) It was glorious. I had no problems breathing. My arms got tired but my lungs never did.

It's expensive. It's costing me $150 a month to swim 3 times a week. But it's so wonderful.

In March, after everything shut down, the bridge I used to get to my old pool also shut down. There's one that runs under it which was also closed to all but emergency traffic. So even if my old pool opened it would not take me 9 minutes but more like 30 to get there.

They announced yesterday that regular people can now use that lower bridge at night until 5 am. Since I swim at 5 that means if/when they open that sucker back up I could at least get there. But, then I googled. Because of the entrance/exit to the lower bridge, it would still take 15 minutes to get to the old pool (and 30 to get home). It now takes me 15 minutes to get to this current pool. So... My old pool was at LA Fitness and free (thanks to my health insurance). There is also an LA Fitness near my new pool which is also free. So... if/when things change - the new pool stops lane reservations or starts charging monthly fees and LA Fitness reopens, I can get there. Options, I got options and a swimming future so yeah!

Before I was swimming every day. Now, since each swim costs me $15, I'm only swimming 3 times a week. I'm actually enjoying the days off - even if I do have to walk on those days - but it makes each swim more special.

What's not special is Spotify. I have this cool little gadget that I use to listen to music while I swim. The latest update to Spotify causes it to stop every 10 minutes when you are playing it offline. This is not good while swimming. Google reports that it is a known issue with no fix. I tried a few things but this morning it was every 10 minutes. Major PIA. So when I got home, I opened up a Spotify chat and canceled my account and asked for a refund. They did not even ask me why. They just canceled my account and gave me a refund. It was kind of weird.

I am not a hockey fan. I was raised in the south. We had field hockey. I went to college in the north and discovered that when they said hockey, they meant this weird game where guys played essentially field hockey while wearing ice skates! I honestly thought my friends were putting me on.

So I'm not emotionally involved with Seattle's new NHL team. They've been working on getting this team forever and building (rebuilding actually) a stadium, etc. Today they announced the name. The Seattle Kracken. Again, I would think they were putting me on but apparently not.

A few months ago, Amazon bought the naming rights to the arena and did not put their name on it but, instead named it Climate Pledge Arena.

But, of course, now it will be called The Krack House.

Sigh. Oh Seattle, you are such a special snowflake.

Another day of no plans and not even any todos. Oh wait, I do need to set the robovac on the living room/kitchen. It did a lovely job of the back half of the house yesterday. Years ago I had one of the first Roomba's. It was great in theory and a giant pain in the ass in practice plus it was so loud you could not hear yourself think. And it had to be emptied every time and sometimes mid run. And it kept breaking down. This Eufy I have now is nice and quiet and happy and productive and needs very little attention at all.

I wonder if Two Doors Down will open today.
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