Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Salad fail

I'm not a huge salad lover. I'm not a huge plant based food lover. But I try. And once in a while, I get a real jones for a good big salad like a club salad. I usually just get one of those pre chopped deals that you just toss everthing into the bowl and add croutons or other stuff. For some reason I decided to buy lettuce and free lance.

Today for lunch I made a giant salad that even included a piece of my finger. Ouch. The salad was horrible. Too much dressing and too much stuff. So I threw it out and started again. Still horrible. Ugh.

I give up. The other day I made up some nut/olive spread - chopped up Trader Joe's Olive and Herb mixed nuts with some black olives and some peperoncini mixed in a combo of cream cheese/sour cream and mayo. It is good shit and... now that I think about it, is plant based! So I had some of that on crackers.

Now I have a mess in my clean kitchen.

The housecleaner got here on time (not always the case). The house looks great except for the mess I made in the kitchen. I found a couple of excellent things at Goodwill and Uwajimaya did, of course, have Spam! and apples.

So assuming I did not also collect a case of Covid-19, the morning was a success.

The Mariners play their last intersquad game tonight and it will be broadcast on TV. They travel on Thursday and play their first game in Houston on Friday.

This afternoon I need to reclean the kitchen and put my other stuff away. And then maybe some crochet and TV.
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