Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You lookin' for me?

Last night a hint on the news led to some digging and I discovered that one of the medical research places here in Seattle is still looking for COVID vaccine volunteers and specifically for some who are 71 years or older. HELLO!!! OVER HERE!! I filled out the form but I suspect my COPD is going to exclude me. But maybe they are wanting old people with crappy lungs. I hope I get picked.

And speaking of crappy lungs, I woke up at 2 am with a really annoying coughing fit. This happens rarely. Very rarely. As I lay there trying to calm my cougher, I wondered if it has anything to do with the pool. The first time I had a problem with a pool, it started one night after I'd been swimming there for 3 weeks. And it started with a coughing fit.

BUT this morning, everything fine. Zero coughs and I was able to breathe better than normal on my walk so maybe, just maybe, it was a one off totally un-pool-related. I'm going with that.

Today is house cleaner day. I just had a brilliant thought. She hauls her heavy Dyson here every time. And my old power can't handle both her Dyson and my air conditioner. Usually I've just turned the a/c off while she was here. It makes the house super hot and takes a long time to re-cool it.

But during the shut down, I actually bought a robovac which does a damn decent job. So I just sent her a text telling her she can leave her vacuum at home. And I can let the a/c just keep doing its cool. Whew.

I will probably go to Goodwill and Uwjimaya and maybe Daiso. And then, I'll find a shady spot to read until she leaves. Oh, I might get gas - I think the tank is almost down to half a tank.

Biggie just tore ass through the house and something crashed. It didn't sound like break just crash and I can't figure out what it was. He's now resting up. He's a big help to the house cleaner. She reports that he's always very exciting to help clean the toilets.

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