Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No wheat thins, no raisin bran, no apples, no spam????

My grocery order was missing some key shit this morning. No apples???? really?? Apples were marked Out of Stock. Mark me Out of Credibility. You order online and then drive to the store and they bring your stuff out. The service is free and I really appreciate it but I think I'm going to try another store next time, or just get off my high horse and actually shop.

I did make today's order today because tomorrow I'll be out while the house cleaner comes and can pop into Uwjimaya and get at least Apples and Spam and maybe Raisin Bran. For some reason, I feel much safer, health wise, shopping in the Japanese market than I do in the American grocery store. I know they apples are better. And no way in hell will they be out of Spam.

But I have eggs. I was down to two and getting twitchy about it. I could live on eggs and potatoes for the rest of my life. Especially if I got an onion once in a while.

But now I have BLT ingredients as well as olives. And I'm back in the living room where the sun is not glaring and it is not hot. I did go by Two Doors Down and it does, indeed, look like they will be opening any minute. What great fun.

It dawned on me the other day that flue shot season is around the corner. I always get mine at the local drug store as soon as they start offering. How in the heck are they going to handle that this year? I am so grateful that that is my biggest worry. And it's not even a worry, just a wonder.

My haircut yesterday was a success. My clippers suck the hair into a little vacuum chamber so it's not nearly the mess it could be but little hairs escape and ugh. I sent a mental thank you note to every man I've ever shared a sink with for being so tidy. Having to shave every day must make this tiny hair thing an every day occurrence and yet, I never remember it before. I'm just grateful for the my house cleaner.

No plans today. Except to stay inside, cool and safe. I might do some yarn organization. I have a new shipment coming in and need to make room for it. I do have the non fridge groceries to put away and the litter box to clean. So maybe I'll just get on all of that right now.
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