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There was a nice story in Sunday's paper about the plywood murals all over town. I looked it up online to link to it and found an even better source for the story and the photos. I also finally found out about the book being put together about them. And I pre-ordered a copy. I honestly have no use for a real tree type book but I would like to see it and I do want to support the effort so I'll buy it, get it and enjoy and then donate it to someone who can enjoy it as well.

We have pandemic plywood art here in Seattle and Black Lives Matter plywood art here in Seattle. Seattle's always been a big mural town. We have a whole corridor of wall art that is longest of it's kind in the world, purportedly.

I love it all.

I just saw on Twitter that the Washington Nationals have invited Dr. Fauci to throw out the first ball at their opener. I love that more than I can say and on about 7 different levels. Way to go, Nats!

All the laundry is done and folded and put away. My music player for swimming is updated and charged and ready for Thursday's swim. And, finally, the website opened up another week of swim times so I am now set with 3 swims a week through the 8th of August. I looked about 9 this morning and there were no new dates. Then I happened to look about 11:30 and there were! So. now I also have the valuable info that they update those suckers on Monday mid morning!

I have a grocery order in to be picked up tomorrow morning. I have until midnight to make any changes. I'm now desperately trying to think of what I forgot and/or should have added.

I am nearing the end of my current Kindle Book and I'm pretty much over it so I think I'll polish it off this afternoon before I turn on the TV. Interestingly, I checked it out of the Seattle Public Library. It was due ages ago but it still is Kindle available so yeah.
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