Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing is better than a swim day

Google cannot seem to get me to the gym the way I want to go. And the way I want to go is not familiar enough for me to try on my own. We failed again today. But I got there. In plenty of time.

It's a 24 hour gym but since they are currently only doing personal trainer stuff and lap swims, they don't open til 6. Which is when my swim is. Only unlike other gyms, they do not wait until 6 or 5 after to open the damn doors. So far, they have had the doors open and let me in by 5:45 every time. I really love this touch.

Plus, if I hustle my ass, I can squeeze in more than my allotted hour of time. Today I did and got a mile swum. It was so so so nice. Such a nice pool.

The shower water pressure still sucks but at least I found the stall for disabled that has grab bars! Whew. And, since no one is in there but me, I don't feel badly using that stall.

My next swim isn't until Thursday :(

In the good news department, my new burger place looks like it might open this week! Restaurants all over town are folding their tents forever and yet, these women (lesbian owned) are opening up their second location right here in my neighborhood. Their burgers are not only delicious, you can build your own! Just what you want, nothing more, nothing less. And they have rootbeer on tap. And their fries are great. Walking over there in the heat of the day does not thrill me but, heck, I can drive over for pickup and I just might.

No word from Christian (designer) about the bathtub/shower replacement. But, I made a vow not to stress. We'll go at it at Christian's pace until the work actually starts, then we'll go at it at my pace and I'm free to stress all I want.

I think it's hair cut day. Or hair trim day. I can usually manage it without making a huge mess in the bathroom but some mess is unavoidable and tomorrow is house cleaner day so might as well give her something to work with.

Biggie has taken to spending a lot of the day smack dab in the center of the bed. It always cracks me up when I round the corner and see him there.


Probably now would be a good time to go clean out his litter box.
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