Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I called the vet's office yesterday to ask about Biggie's shots. They said it would be fine to put them off for a month or so. So that's the current plan. Biggie voted four paws on not getting into ToTheVet carrier. Everybody's happy.

Right now, he 's on bug/bird patrol outside. I've never seen a cat who loved bugs more than he does. We don't even get that many up here 4 stories above concrete. But we still do get the occasional big fat fly that is his all time hands down favorite. So he's happy.

The cool is gone and the sun is out. And I love my automated insulated shades. In six weeks we will only have the dregs of hot left so I can make it from here. Besides, it's not like I'm going anywhere anyway. Not til Wednesday when the house cleaner comes.

I'm having a hard time getting started today but that's probably because the todo list is totally blank.

There may be a Mariner game on TV tonight - an intersquad game. The season starts on Friday and, apparently, there are lots of How The Fuck Are We Going To Do This items on the broadcast checklist. So, the rumor is they are going to test out options by broadcasting the intersquad games this week.

The COVID case numbers in this county are up again according to the numbers published this morning. I don't think we've had a single day with New Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths were all three at zero or less than the day before. And we're one of the places were it isn't that bad.

And, here in Seattle, we don't have the mess that is currently in Portland (Oregon).

There is lots that could be so much worse in my world. I've got it easy and I am very grateful.
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