Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day...

A few nights ago, I made a white sauce and melted some cheese in it to put over pasta. It was pretty good but there was way more of it than my pasta needed. I poured the rest into a container and put it in the fridge. "You should do leftovers the honor of at least chilling them before you throw them out."

I also had some mushrooms that were getting a little age on them. And a thawed chicken thigh.

I got a nice baking dish and put the chicken in. I put a pat of butter under the skin and dusted the top of it with a variety of spices. Then I got a handful of tater tots out of the fridge and put them along side the chicken and topped the tots with the mushrooms. Then I took out the mostly solidified cheesed white sauce and spooned it out in chunks over the top of the mushrooms.

And baked the whole thing til the chicken was done. And made fresh iced tea. I'm telling you, that was an excellent dinner! I love using up leftover stuff.

I finished up Forsyte Saga - most satisfying. And finished up my blanket.



I'm quite pleased with it. Great way to use up odds and ends of yarn and I love the colors. It's going to need to wait until fall for duty. But I'm enjoying looking at it on the bed today.

Now I need to get up and stretch my legs. I think a hall walk is in order. And then do some house chores before my ass finds its inevitable way back to this couch.
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