Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

the anti walk

I realized when I got home that my next swim is tomorrow morning. I wished for a minute that it was not too late to cancel. I wished there was a day or two in between. But then I remembered that if I swim tomorrow, I won't have to walk so Yes to swim!! And it is a 6 am swim which is better than today's which was 7. It makes a difference to me only mentally. It's now 9 am and I haven't even gotten my day started. I feel behind and yes I totally get that this makes no sense.

I got to the gym early and signed contracts and had a better look around. Not only does the women's locker room have it's own jacuzzi spa, it has it's own workout room. A small one with 3 elliptical machines and some weights and other things. But, mainly women only. PLUS there are entirely different locker rooms for families and children. I likey lotsy.

Then, while waiting for my turn, I discovered that in normal times, they have a lane sign up boards with a waitlist option. You put your name down on your lane and on the waitlist if no lane is available. Fab. Except there is a 30 minute limit to lane use when others are waiting. That sucks. But, I do not suspect I'll still be there if/when times get back to normal.

Oh and the showers are flawed. You have to step under the showerhead to turn the water on so you get instant cold water on you. Coming from the pool, that's not horrible because you are already wet and temperatured appropriately but the shower pressure is LAME and that is horrible. But. Whatever. I'll test all the stalls. Maybe one is goosed.

I took the tunnel this morning. WAY better. WAY WAY better. I even missed the turn and had to go what I think is a longer way and it was still WAY better. I'm ok going through a million traffic lights going home but on the way, on the way, I want to freakin' get there so I'm glad I bit the tunnel bullet.

I discovered a nasty Spotify issue that was not there before. When playing offline, it just stops every 10 minutes. Just stops. And a simple google search says it is not just me. I am now testing possible fixes. And that's eating up the rest of the morning. But, hey, it's not like there's a lot of competition for my time :)

Nothing on the agenda for today. I have a crochet blanket that is about 2 hours away from completion so I'd like to get that done. But, that's really it. Just a nice, quiet day staying inside with my air conditioner. And Biggie, who's once again, tower napping.
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