Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's me!

seattlejo just posted some info about herself - contact info - that she found lying around on the internet. She labeled it creepy. I thought it was cool. I'd love to get a list of my old addresses and phone numbers!

So I googled susandennis seattle to see what google says about me today. Most of page 1 was legit links of mine, about me or things I knew about it. I, of course, do not hide so finding me is kind of anyidiotcandoit.

There was, on that first page, an obit for Susan Dennis in Seattle who died in 2003. Not me.

On the second page was a treat. A whole story about me. And my webcams. That is 100% accurate and not the tiniest bit condescending. A first! It's a translation of a story done last August in China. I've had people write about me and my webcams before but generally it's with the tone of You Won't Believe How Stupid This Old Lady Is!! And then proceed to assume my cams are live because I don't now how to make them private. At least someone in China gets me.


My upside down eating scheme is still going strong and working really well. I eat more breakfast now, a dinner sized lunch and a lunch sized dinner. Except dinner usually turns out to be a snack or less. Last night it was a banana. I've never before been able to eat only when I am hungry, but now I seem to be getting the hang of it and I am actually eating way less. Still eating exactly what I want, just less of it. I like it!
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