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Susan Dennis


My arms are way less sore today, thankgoodness. They were so sore yesterday and last night that I was wondering how I was going to swim tomorrow. They woke me up a couple of times last night when I must have moved them. Owie! But, today, they are very much better and tomorrow they will be swim worthy.

This morning's walk sucked worse than usual. Swimming is so much better. And while it wasn't hot, it was uncomfortably warm. I've grown used to nice, cool mornings. And they are now gone. Also my boyfriend wasn't at his post. Retaliation for my not being there yesterday?

This is the time of year that I spend a great deal of energy being grateful for my air conditioner. And I am. While the sun is frying the terrace right now... even Biggie's come right back in after trying it... I am quite comfortable. Thank you Frigidaire. I discovered when looking at hose replacements, that Frigidaire no longer makes this model so I started looking at other comparable units just out of interest. And... there aren't any! So mine had better stay healthy.

It's time for Biggie's annual checkup and shots. I am debating. It's too hot. And the vet's office is stressed already. They have also changed their policies in a way that indicates they are really busy with animals in need. Biggie's not in need. I think I'm going to kick it down the road a week or so.

Our governor yesterday extended the current phase for two weeks. He's not granting any counties any more anything until the end of the month when everything will be revisited. I'm totally on board with that. There were a fair number of people out on my walk today. A lot of construction workers. This could be because street parking has been free until this week and now they have to park in lots and walk farther to get to the job. But, it sure made me twitchy to be outside with all those people. I like being in here with just me and Biggie.

I have now gotten hooked on The Forsyte Saga. The one that was on ITV and then PBS. Damien Lewis as Anti-Bobby Alexrod. I'm about halfway done. I'm aiming to finish up by about the time baseball comes back on TV. I hope.

They are showing Mariner intersquad games on YouTube and the commentary is actually more interesting than the game. Yesterday they were talking about broadcasting the games this season. Apparently there will be team of TV cameras for both teams playing. Each will have their own broadcasters. I'm not even sure how that will work but apparently, I'm not the only one. The broadcasters were discussing and they don't seem to be sure either. Each team used to their production staff crammed into a giant truck outside the park. Now there will be three trucks but one staff serving both teams. Social distanced. Head scratcher.

Yet another thing I'm glad I don't have to decide or figure out how to mold into the world of Covid.

I need to tidy up the kitchen, change the bed linens, maybe toss in a load of laundry, and take garbage/recycling down to the dumpsters. Then I'll probably check in on those Forsytes.

Biggie is tower napping.

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