Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thanks to xina_g's Aaron!

My air conditioner hose has always been just a whisper too short. I could never swing the unit so that it shot the cold air towards the center of the room. And then I read in xina_g's husband ordered a longer one off Amazon.

Years ago I hunted high and low for a similar hose because my unit at the time had just worn its own out. I finally hand to bugger together one from dryer hose. Not a good solution. But, because of that, I never thought to look again and for sure never considered there would be longer ones.

But, now Amazon has stepped up to the plate... Old, now re-christened BackUp.


New one and the air conditioner is finally able to blow the right way! So much better. I do need to either make a new sleeve or a cuff extension on the old one...

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