Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Buh bye even more money...

Christian called. I had sent him my list and he said it all sounded reasonable! He asked if I was ok with a minimal lip. Sure. He asked if, it was reasonable, could they replace the floor. I said fine. He asked if I wanted anything else done and I said nope.

All reasonable questions. I was relieved. He really did get my assignment. I've worked with designers in the past that had hearing/reading problems. They just wanted me to finance and live with their agenda... not mine. He did not sound like that was going to be an issue so yeah!

He's going to use his own bathtub for measurements and get with the contractor and put some nums, etc together and send them to me. I'm now, once again, excited about this. AND, now that I have an alternate shower to use (at the gym), it seems even more doable.
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