Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, at least it's not skiing... or race car driving!

A while back, one morning at the pool, two of the regular guys and I were chatting after out swim as one did back in the day before the world went to hell, and we were talking about swim equipment - my music player started it and then the good goggles and other accouterments. And conjuring on the costs adding up. One of them said "well, it's cheaper than skiing..." and the other added "or race car driving!".

So that's what I think about when I spend money on swimming. And I spent some today.

First I signed up for the tracking sticker for the toll tunnel. You can go through without it but they charge you twice as much. I got the sticker a while back before they started charging $5 but I never opened an account because they require $30 and I was never going to use that stupid tunnel anyway. Except now, I probably am. So $30.

Then, Spotify. My music player has some mp3's that I loaded in but the good stuff is on Spotify which will not work offline without a premium account. $10 a month. But, I can kill it if the swimming has to stop.

I made a line item in my budget for swimming. Which I'm perfectly fine about. I stopped short of tallying up the total costs right now. I saved a bundle for the first half of the year so what the hell.

Swimming makes the whole day better. I'd forgotten how much. But, seriously, my arms are kinda glad we don't have a lane tomorrow. And my lungs are good.


Biggie's on terrace duty.
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