Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

doofiest selfie of all times


But, swimming!

I got there at 5:30 and deduced that they didn't open til 6. Ok. But, a woman showed up at 5:45 and all was fine. I found my way to the pool. I was the only one there for a good 15 minutes which was great because honestly, the first few laps, I swam like I had never been in water before. I was halfway down the pool thinking 'did I forget some equipment or something???' It was hilarious. I was really starting to get worried that I'd lost all swimming mojo when it came back. Whew.

And it was great. The pool is lovely. I did not even smell chlorine so they must keep the level low but the pool, itself was crystal clear. The lanes are wide but since there's only one swimmer per, that didn't even matter. (But, they are so wide that sharing would not be an issue at all.) Eventually all four lanes filled. The inner two are for 30 minute sessions and the outer two are for 60 minutes.

I did not even get tired until the very end. I did 33 laps, 1650 yards. Short of a mile but, I'm ok with that. My arms, from elbow to shoulder, are, right now, in giant WTF DID YOU DO??!! mode but so far, my lungs are not up set at all.

The gym from here is a bitch to get to. A biscillion lights, all red. Stop, start, stop, start. Not too much traffic but still, a hard ride. My next swim is 7-8 and I suspect there will be more traffic then. Parking is easy at that hour.

The gym, itself, is a huge rabbit warren. You go up to the third floor, through the locker room, and down two flights of stairs to the pool. Those two flights, apre swim are a bit of a push. The locker room is nice as are the showers and toilet area. Spacious and welcoming. They have a jacuzzi tubs/spas in the pool area but also in women's locker room. They are not operational now but having a women only one might be nice. They have all the high end gym stuff like shampoo and conditioner and soap and a suit spinner and plastic bags for wet stuff.

I just wish it was not such a bitch to get to.

There are two routes that involve a toll tunnel that might be less odious. I might give them a try, maybe.

A couple of years ago, I started at a new pool and it was great. For a few weeks and then it was horrible. I started having real lung issues. Shortness of breath and coughing. And then real shortness of breath. Because I'm not bright sometimes, it took me a while to figure out it was the pool causing the problem. (Thank you, LJ. I just went back and looked. I started at the new pool on Nov. 10, 2017 and was fine for almost 3 weeks and then the breathing issues started.)

About a year later, I went, one time, to a city pool - Queen Anne - where I had been before with no issue. But this time, an hour after swimming, I could barely walk across the room without having to stop and catch my breath.

So that's what I have on my mind. So far, I've been out of the water for 2.5 hours and my lungs are not at all bothered. In 3 weeks they might be but now, they are good.

So I'm not going to bail. I'll just swallow the trip to and from. It's not like I'm pressed for time. I need to just zen it out. It is a great gym. And a lovely pool. And while pricey, it's worth it to me.

Decision made.

I have 3 swims a week purchased now for this week and the two weeks after that. So good to be back in the swim!!
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