Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

1 more sleep

One more sleep until I get to swim again. All my swim stuff is in the car, ready to go. I wonder if my boyfriend will miss me. I'll miss him but not that stupid walk.

Every morning Biggie is at the door waiting when I come in. I get coffee and then come over to the computer. However, there is no computing until he gets a treat. He gets no treat until he lets me clip at least one nail. Nail clipped, treats given and he's on his way to do his kitty things.

This morning, after a bit, he came back and carefully watched me clip my own nails. I know it's my imagination but he did look perplexed when I got no treat. He cracks me up.

I decided yesterday to abandon the tub/shower replacement. Save the money. Save the headaches. Save the frustration and mess. Just let it go.

Today I got an email from Christian. He'll be calling me tomorrow to discuss details. Also no apology for a week's delay in not answering emails. I've worked with designers before. They have their own timeline. Designer time. It amuses me that HGTV redesigns and entire house in 30 to 60 minutes - with no indication that the job actually spanned probably a year. I've never known a designer to even get his or her pencil sharpened in that amount of time.

But, I guess the project is on again. At least I do now know my parameters, in order of importance.

- least amount/days of disruption possible.
- curtain not door
- max corner shelving
- drop down seating with stabilizer
- grab bar(s)
- mounted hand held shower head
- all other options, see first bullet point

Today I have a short list. The fridge needs a clean out and reorg. The freezer inventory has diminished somewhat which makes it easier to keep organized. But the fridge has some gooey spots.

I have a crochet blanket I started eons ago that is nearing the end. I finally decided on how I'm going to use it so I need to take measurements and decide on a boarder and get that puppy done.

Also it's time to revisit car/house insurance. Get some quotes. See if there's an opportunity to save some cash.

Busy busy day ahead. hahahahaha
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