Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The joy du jour

Do not click on this link if you are in a hurry. Seriously. I warned you.

Windows of the World

Once you are there, each click will open a window somewhere in the world. It's absolutely fascinating. I cannot stop.

I did stop tho. Kitchen cleaned. Susandennis cleaned. Trash hauled to the dumpster. Amazon package in the UPS OUT box.

Oh and TiVo set up to record Mariner games. It projects out 14 days so I can already see the first game scheduled.

It's cool enough out today to have the air conditioner off and the window open. Probably the last time we'll be able to do that for a while so I'm enjoying.

My fingernails are growing like crazy. There once was a doctor in my LJ friends list. Heck she's probably still on the list but long gone from here. She told me once that strong fingernails were an excellent indication of good health. I am so healthy right now. I need to trim some of that health down or I'm going to cut myself.

I had an aunt - my father's older sister - who had long fingernails and she polished them with frosted nail polish. I thought they were the most wonderful things in the world despite my mother's proclamation that nice women did not wear long nails or frosted nail polish. She had a lot of issues with Aunt Kay. But, when Mom wouldn't be around to see, Aunt Kay, who had no daughters herself, would paint my then tiny pitiful nails with pink frost and I thought I was the most glamorous of all the world. Aunt Kay died young (brain aneurysm) but I know she's be impressed with these nails I've got today. Maybe I should frost them before I cut them off. In memory.
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