Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I woke up at 5. I think my mind is getting ready for early morning swims. But, I didn't get up. I lay there in the dark with Biggie stretched out snuggled into me and just enjoyed being there. It was lovely. I did get up after about 45 minutes and went to walk. That was lovely, too. There was a misty rain - more mist than rain and it was cloudy cool.

I came home and internetted and then made a fabulous omelette. Mushrooms and mozzarella this time. I read the first section of the newspaper while I ate.

So, yeah, so far, this day has been perfect. And it's not yet 8 am.

PBS ran this great two part American Experience - The Vote. I finished watching it last night. I thought I knew about the battle to gain voting rights for women but turns out, I didn't know shit. And, in the end, it came down to Tennessee and two state senators. One of them was exactly the age of my maternal grandfather and, actually, kind of looked like photos I'd seen of him when he was young. My one grandmother - his eventual wife - was 21 the year women were first able to vote. I wonder if she did.

My other grandmother was 21 but she was not able to vote. She had been stripped of her United State citizenship because she married a German. So she had different federal fish to fry. She eventually got it back. And her German became a US citizen.

But, it was amazing to see what three generations of women went through to be able to be counted as people. I worked for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 70's but, not nearly hard enough.

In other news, Biggie and Stickie have apparently had a falling out. He (Biggie) was restless yesterday afternoon so I started waving Stickie around. Biggie ignored that and went over to nibble on food. If Stickie had an eye, I'm sure it would have been moist. Hopefully, it is a short term tiff.

Normal, regular, no action day planned here. I have a return to pack up and take down to the UPS box and I need to clean up the kitchen from breakfast. Oh, and I really need a shower. That's the todo list.
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