Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The sun is out and I am not

I keep the current weather with 7 day forecast on one of the computer screens mounted on the wall. I just glanced over and see 4 days with temperatures at 80 or above. And no clouds. This is not good. But, it is for sure only psychological. I'm not going outside anyway so what the hell difference does it make?? I annoy myself sometimes.

I finally heard from cable company Katie. She apologized for taking two days off. Silly. She should figure out auto email responses, tho. I am, however, just grateful she's still there.

I'm not terribly chipper today and for no reason. I slept fine. I get to swim in 3 sleeps. My social security deposits are fixed. I have HGTV again. I feel good physically. I got nothing to be dumpy about and, yet...

Biggie comes and goes out his little cat door flaps a dozen times a day. I'm so glad I figured out that hack instead of just removing the insert and making him stay inside til fall. And, btw, thank the apes for Gorilla Tape. That stuff is magic.

Wow! I just got a call from Melissa at the gym. I had sent her a note asking about pool chemicals. She wanted to suggest that she hold off charging my enrollment fee until after my first swim. What a great idea. It's not a fullproof plan but it's a good one anyway. So she's sending me an email that will get me in without being a member on Tuesday and if all goes well, she'll charge my card after that. She was very cool to talk to and I learned a bit about the club and their precautions and restrictions. All good.

I'm beginning to feel better about the day.

I think maybe I might treat myself to a salmon bagel sandwich today for lunch/dinner. And maybe some more Krispy Kreme minis (KK is across the street from the bagel place. KK is drive through and bagel is outside pickup. Both safe enough, I think.)

My brother (bill_schubert) has gotten me hooked on a podcast Hacks on Tap. It's mostly two guys who have lots of legit experience in putting people into power - one liberal, David Axelrod and one conservative, Mike Murphy.

My brother is convinced Trump will lose in November. I worry about that because I know he's wrong and I worry about how disappointed he will be. But, listening to this podcast gives me hope that maybe I'm the one who is wrong and shows me where my brother gets his hope. It's really nice to hear intelligent, thoughtful insight into the behind the scenes of what's going on.

I have the latest episode to listen to now and I think I'll do a hall walk and then listen to them tell me that there's a chance at a brighter future.
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