Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I never heard from Katie. So I called the cable company. Not that many years ago, they just answered the phone. Now they have a tree that leads you to another tree and then they have - I swear this is true, you can call WAVE Broadband yourself - a 3 fucking minute COVID announcement that says absolutely nothing that my dead grandmother doesn't already know and then you get another tree and then you get hold.

I could feel my blood pressure rising. They do have very active Twitter. So I went over there and, in a direct message, asked them if there was another way to add channels to my account. Hailey responded within 2 mins and had the job done within 5. Note to self: Do not ever call that number again.

Meanwhile I'm watching the Mariner game and it is different. I kind of like the no crowd noise better than I thought I would. The behind-the-pitcher camera shot shows my seat!


See that dude up there with the dark hat and the white mask on that last row of cushioned seats? He's sitting in my SEAT!! And I don't even know who he is.

I have not done my hall walking today. Bad me. But I did find another sweet little flower growing in the concrete on my morning walk. It's next to a planter but the planter has no pansy's.


I got all my swimming stuff all decanted and charged up and organized and ready. It seems like a long time until Tuesday. For some reason I have no doubt I'll be able to swim enjoyably for an hour after a 5 month break. I hope I'm not wrong. And even if the chemicals hate my lungs, I know for sure I'll have one good swim. (it does not hit me until about an hour to several weeks after swimming) My fins are crossed.

Tonight I need to set up TiVo to record the crap out channels I will only have for 2.5 months. Might as well stockpile stuff before I turn the channels off again. I enjoy having them but without baseball, it's not worth the $80 extra bucks a month.
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